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This reservation sign for Jesus is great. Made me laugh!


Hi Sidney,

Another lovely photo series!

Ashish Sidapara

The last seat seems special, lovely series!


so full of colours... I like the bowl of bananas best


“The Queer Chef pimped me here”!

Where are the photos taken?


fascinating shots ... of a rich tradition.

I wish I could cover something in as much details as you.


padre damaso and his cohorts will have a nice dinner tonight courtesy of the church members who have contributed a lot of their savings and effort. no wonder there were no poor people in sight. they were probably werent invited to the feast because they didnt contribute anything ..

hmm je me demande si seulement le christ jesus étais vivant ..


Oh I also love the bottled water. Do you think Jesus will turn the bottled water into wine? :-)

Anyway, looks like a big celebration. Was it like a grand party where everyone is showing everybody off and do they later serve tuba or San Miguel Beer or was it solemn and very spiritual?


Jésus est revenu? Bonne nouvelle ;-)

Bon we


i didnt know there were bananas during the last supper..hehe!


If you don't mind me saying so, those napkins, that tablecloth, the cutlery and plates, the bottled water, it all doens't look very last supper like.
But maybe they have the holy grail?


Oh wonderful! A re-enactment of the Last Supper. I wonder if Jesus would also wear a barong. :)


Hy its not dead, i see.I like other cultures,and so i fond this place.


Is that a seat they leave open for Jesus, or a person called Jesus?

Major Tom

These rites becomes more interesting with the grand dresses they wear...


Tena koe ehoa
Kind of reminds me of what we maori call a "kai hakari" or feast! The celebratory nature of the tables and the feast I assume is simialrt though the purpose is somewhat different.


Ooops, I should have not made fun of Jesus. I had to enter the security word four times before I got it right. Hmn...


You mean Jesus was in Morong, Rizal and I missed him? Dang! Ooops, I should not swear. :-) A name card for Jesus - gotta love those people.


Wonderful photos, Sidney! I love how they had a name card for Jesus. You'd think He would know where to sit. ;-)

I also got a kick out of the "mashed-potatoes" tag. It's the end of my work week, and I'm feeling a bit silly, I think.

Have a great weekend!


great and fashinating tradition, a great documentation work over the Philippines


A fascinating tradition. Attractive shots of the nicely dressed people and the table setting. Another fine documentation of this event.


This is such a rich tradition. Fascinating.

Otto K.

So this is where the big feast happens? Does anyone ever sit in at that last place setting? :)

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